I am privileged to enroll in the South Australian Certificate of Education International (SACE-i) programme of 2020 in Disted College Penang. I first enrolled into this program from January till November 2020.
Though it was not a cakewalk, the time and effort I spent was indisputably worth it, all thanks to the helpful and supportive lecturers in the college. Be it an online class or a face-to-face lecture, their strategic approach and experiences exhibited have enabled me to relate my learnings throughout the course to the materials or textbooks provided, making my learning much easier. The learning environment and course design continue to capture the interest of the students. As for me, it has largely contributed to my achievement.
In conclusion, this programme provides a well-built foundation for students to embark on their journey to their desired universities as it exposes students to the lifestyle and learning that will be conducted there. I would largely recommend this programme offered by Disted to others.

Tan Xin Fang

SACE-i 2020

SACE has helped me learn to break down overwhelming projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. I know these lessons in time management will serve me well for a lifetime. Besides that, SACE has taught me exceptional critical-thinking skills and that the answers will not always be straightforward. Through this course, I have learned how to solve complex problems and learned that high-quality results require hard work and dedication.

Tan Wan Sean

SACE-i 2020

My college experience in 2020 was no different from anyone else’s experience. Just as I’m sure everyone else did, I struggled a lot initially from being unable to cope with online classes and assignments. However, the support I received from my dedicated lecturers and course mates in Disted has helped me tremendously in overcoming the many obstacles in my way and achieve success. This experience has given me the needed confidence to overcome larger challenges in the future.

Koh Ying Ci

SACE-i 2020

The SACE-i programme equipped me with the fundamental skills of research, academic report writing and presentation. The dedicated lecturers inspired curiosity and cultivated independence in me, which made my Pre-U journey at Disted unforgettable. With this experience, I am now confident to step forward and face challenges in my future studies.

Lai Xin Lyn

SACE-i 2020

SACE International has become my programme of choice as I like how the application of the knowledge gained is emphasised throughout its syllabus by including graded assignment varying from investigation folios to presentations. In my humble opinion, I find that SACE offers a valuable exposure that prepares students to the type of learning and lifestyle that students will experience in universities.

Since I went for an April intake (conveniently during the time of MCO), my first lecture had to be conducted online. Admittedly, it was a very unusual at first, being unable to see my lecturers and peers in person and only hearing their voices through the laptop speakers. As far as my learning experience goes, it was great. The lecturers conducted their lectures effectively, distributed essential learning materials to students and openly welcomed students to contact them if they had any problems. However, I personally found it challenging to focus on the lectures at times as I was too relaxed in the comfort of my own home. Despite that, this was the new norm and everyone including myself had to make their own adjustments to learn effectively.

Thankfully, at the start of July, students were allowed to come back to campus for lectures while adhering to the S.O.P guidelines and maintaining social distancing. Since then, my learning experience improved after returning to campus as the classroom environment was suited better for me to focus and the face to face interaction between students and lecturers definitely made the lectures more engaging.

Overall, I enjoy learning in the SACE International programme and would like to thank the lecturers and staff of DISTED college for a wonderful learning experience and effective coordination especially during MCO.

Joel Goh Poh Shen


One of the predominant reasons I chose the DISTED DBS programme is because of their twinning option to Staffordshire University in England. In addition to that, the cost of this course was most worthwhile among the other colleges in my area, plus I was offered a scholarship, which further sweetened the deal.

Although I am only in my 3rd semester, I have already learned and experienced an abundance of lessons that will aid me in my future. Just within a year, I have grown fond of my lecturers who have efficiently guided and taught me the syllabus to successfully achieve the learning objectives, properly equipping me with the skills and knowledge I need.

Even though this pandemic, I was able to effectively learn through online classes and discussions. In fact, I was able to concentrate and absorb information better in the comfort of my own home, along with the consistent efforts of the lecturers as well.

Low Teck Shen

Diploma in Business Studies