Campus Facilities

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YCE Heritage Campus

  • The 5.5 acres purpose-built YCE Heritage Campus at Macalister Road, Penang, is centrally located and equipped with modern teaching and learning facilities to help students to realise their aspirations.
  • There are two separate main buildings, heritage outside and modern inside, consisting of the Academic and Administration Block and the Learning Resource Centre.
  • The Academic and Administration Block comprises a multi-purpose hall, a 3-storey block which houses lecture halls and rooms, computer, science and engineering laboratories, cafeteria, student facilities and teaching rooms. There is also a convenience store.
  • Library and Educational Services consists of a well-stocked library, teaching and learning facilities.
  • The needs of the disabled are also looked after with the provision of a lift, wheelchair access ramps and special toilets.
  • Three well-equipped science laboratories, which are supported by experienced technical staff, for teaching Physics and Electronics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Students are given individual hands-on experience during experiment sessions.
  • The Language Centre offers English language programmes for both students and adults who need to upgrade their English proficiency for academic success, social communication and professional advancement in the working world. It also caters for customised, in-house English language training packages to meet the needs of private sector organisations and companies. The purpose-designed language training schemes enable employees to speak and write English more competently and confidently.
  • There is an English e-learning room which is equipped with multimedia-enabled computers and internet access to facilitate e-learning of English.
  • Students have convenient access to online learning resources to bolster their language learning endeavours.
  • They can also use the facility for preparing multimedia presentations for their assignments.

School of Hospitality Management

With its new campus at China Street Ghaut, Penang, which began operation in 2012, the DISTED School of Hospitality Management has carved an achievement and a milestone of recognition of its quality and relevance in the delivery of its programmes by the industry and the community.

The expansion adds greater significance, value and contribution to the human capital development by an increase in the quality and industry-relevant hospitality education offered by DISTED.

Sited in the midst of the heritage enclave, the School of Hospitality Management injects young students to create excitement and vibrancy that goes a long way to rejuvenate and regenerate the heritage city of George Town.

The DISTED School of Hospitality Management, with its blend of qualified, experienced, dedicated and caring lecturers, industry-focused and up-to-date curriculum as well as outstanding teaching and training facilities, is poised to mould students to meet the needs and high expectations of the global hospitality industry.

The state-of-the-art training facilities, coupled with high academic quality and standards, make DISTED School of Hospitality Management the smarter choice for a premier hospitality education.

DISTED hospitality students can be sure that they are in the best hands for an enriching and exciting learning experience that grooms them for rewarding careers in the ever-growing hospitality, business leisure and tourism sectors.

  • Facilities
    Housed in the heritage Bangunan Wawasan, the School of Hospitality Management is well-equipped with first class facilities for classroom learning as well as practical learning to acquire knowledge and skills that are relevant to the real working world. It provides ample opportunities for hospitality students to hone entrepreneurship skills as well through learning, managing and operating in a systematic way industry standard bakery, food production, food and beverage services.
  • Restaurant
    This contemporary dining facility features standard four-course set lunch menu as well as snacks prepared by DISTED hospitality students under the keen and able guidance of DISTED chefs with wide professional culinary experience. It makes an ideal lunch spot to enjoy a hearty meal and students have an opportunity to provide friendly personal service to a much larger and varied clientele within the historic ambience of the heritage enclave of George Town.
  • Bakery Shop
    Walk-in customers can savour a wide array of fresh and palate-tickling pastries and breads that are all daily made, alongside with tea, coffee and other hot beverages.
  • Pastry and Bakery Kitchen
    This teaching and production facility holds 24 individual stations with all the essential equipment for students to experiment and maximize their learning to any level that they choose. It is also used to produce fresh daily baked items for sale at the Bakery Shop.
  • Food Production Kitchen
    For training in food preparation and cooking, the first class professional set-up with a stainless steel walled and silikal floored kitchen accommodates 35 well-equipped individual stations to provide students with individual hands-on practice. Special industry strength appliances installed in the kitchen for essential culinary practice, including ovens, bain-marie, salad bar, deep fryers, griddles and others, give students a close to real life learning experience in a professional setting.
  • Demo Kitchen cum Lecture Theatre
    It is a 40-seat culinary suite with state-of-the-art set-up, the design of which was conceptualized by DISTED hospitality staff. The demonstration and experiment theatre has a fully equipped kitchen studio, full-view projection for celebrity chef appearances as well as cooking, baking and beverage demonstrations by experts in the various areas of culinary arts. It doubles as a lecture theatre for teaching purposes and holding talks.
  • Classrooms
    The DISTED Hospitality Campus has 6 large classrooms for the delivery of its teaching to the students. All the classrooms are well-equipped with comfortable seatings, whiteboards and internet connected LCD projectors for lecture presentations.
  • Library
    The library has an integrated collection of print, multimedia and electronic online resources to effectively support the courses conducted by the School of Hospitality Management. There are ample reading areas, all Wi-Fi enabled, to give students an unrestricted access to learning contents all over the world.
  • Computer Lab
    The computer lab is equipped with modern networked computers and a range of productivity tools and software for teaching, learning and course assignments.
  • Housekeeping Mock-Up Room
    As part of housekeeping service training, the mock-up hotel guest room is used for demonstrating and practising housekeeping for students to achieve a performance level that complies with the methods and standards of leading international hotels.

IT Management & Services

IT Management and Services (ITMS) is a departmental organization that provides the support necessary for the use and advancement of technology across the campus community.

The ITMS staff provides a wide variety of services and training to the DISTED College community to ensure that users are enabled to gain access to a wide variety of technological knowledge that best suits the academic needs of the campus community.

The ITMS maintains and operates the following facilities for the college:

  • Maintaining classrooms and 6 computer labs for the purpose of teaching and practical work. This involves the installation of the relevant software needed and also ensuring that computers are in good working order.
  • Ensuring the security of the labs by monitoring student’s usage of the computers. The centre is also servicing students with their multifarious needs for information and related help.
  • Providing computers for staff and ensuring that they receive the necessary support so that they are able to use the computers for their day-to-day work.
  • Maintaining servers and Internet Access.

Internet Services

There is ample bandwidth for accessing the Internet and any web-based applications. The college has redundant broadband and wireless PTP connections installed, and adding to these are the WiFi hotspots, to enable students and staffs to have fast and wide access to the Internet resources and communications facilities.

Opening Hours
  • YCE Heritage Campus
    Monday to Thursday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
    Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • School of Hospitality Management
    Monday to Thursday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
    Friday 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Computer Laboratories

The computer laboratories are equipped with very capable Intel® Core i7 computers, and with a full range of technical and productivity tools and software. Learning, teaching and work are now pleasant and fun.

Students would be exposed to both Windows and Linux platforms running on a fiber optic and UTP backbone. This gives the students a good understanding and appreciation of these systems when they start their careers.

  • General Laboratory
    All DISTED’s students will have full access to the General Computer Laboratory. It is managed with the assistance from Student Lab and Service Assistants (SLSA). Strict rules are enforced in this lab and the SLSAs are accorded authority in the labs similar to that of DISTED’s full-time staff. A usage log is kept to monitor and manage the usage of the computers in the lab. Adequate variety of software will be provided in the lab. At times when demand exceeds supply, the students will take turn to use the computers. No student will be able to use a computer for more than two hours if there is another student waiting to use the same computer.Services provided in the general lab include consultations of PC problems and printing services.
  • Teaching Laboratories
    3 laboratories are designated as teaching laboratories. They will not be opened for general use unless the general laboratory is full.
  • Multimedia Studio
    This lab caters to the needs of students studying multimedia creative arts courses. It is designated and fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in audio and video recording for teaching and learning purposes.
Computer Laboratory Regulations

To use the computer facilities, students are required to:Produce their DISTED student ID card on demand.

  • Be decently dress and in shoes.
  • Only one user will be allowed per station so that all users may enjoy a quiet, non-distracting working environment.
  • Students are strictly not allowed to add to, alter, deface, disconnect, re-cable or attach any hardware component to the computers in the computer labs. They are not allowed to misuse or attempt to modify the PC configurations or otherwise render non-functional any of the equipment. Any students suspected of doing so will be subjected to investigation and if warranted, disciplinary action.
  • Borrowing and/or removing any hardware component in the computer laboratories without prior permission from the ITMS is forbidden.
  • Students who wish to bring their own computers into the laboratories for presentations must get prior written permission from the ITMS.
  • Pirated software and software that is not required by the courses taught at the college are not to be used on the college’s computers.
  • Keep the computer labs clean and tidy. Students are also required to put things back in their original places, to log off and shut down their computers before leaving the computer labs.
  • The computers and the Internet must only be used for education and/or research purposes.
  • The computers and the Internet shall NOT be used for the following:
    • To play games or access games on other computer systems.
    • To download or online watching movies/songs.
    • To circumvent or subvert system security measures.
    • To access offensive or pornographic materials.
    • For partisan political purposes.
    • For personal financial gains.

College staff on duty has the sole authority to determine if a student is in compliance with the above rules. Necessary action will be taken against those who do not adhere to these rules.

Computer Usage Priority Policy

Students use the computers for different purposes and there are potentially many users. As such, the use of computers in the college is subject to the following order of usage priority:

  1. Learning the nature and applications of the computer, and computer courses.
  2. Doing and completing assignments for courses undertaken at the college.
  3. Carrying out research for course assignments or projects.
  4. Communication using e-mail for coursework related matters.
  5. Carrying out general research for educational purposes.
  6. Personal communication using the e-mail facility.
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